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A Year With Friends

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Abrams, Spring 2013


"This cheerful tour of the months of the year pairs Christy's airy artwork with simple sentences that introduce seasonal activities ... Christy's illustrations provide humor, energy, and entertainment with year-round appeal."

- Publishers Weekly​

"While lots of books about seasons are available, this one is as fresh and crisp as a cool fall breeze ... The charm is in the narrative’s simplicity and the breezy, soft-edged artwork that captures the special wonder of each month."

​- Kirkus​​

"A beautiful, fun, and minimalist journey through the seasons ... The format is varied, with panels, spreads, and full-page pictures,

and the art is delightful. Youngsters are sure to take pleasure in following the characters’ activities throughout the

year. Great for a lap read, or for a lesson on the months or seasons.”

- School Library Journal​

​"In this pleasing concept book, husband-and-wife author-illustrator team

Seven and Christy introduce two children enjoying typical activities

throughout each month of the year... Seven’s succinct text only hints at story ... while Christy's sunny, paneled illustrations flesh out the details: a boy chases a ball, he meets a sand-castle-building girl, and they play together.

​A good choice for seasonal story hours."

- Booklist​

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