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I am a self-taught artist originally from Rochester, NY and currently living and working in North Adams,  Massachusetts.

I love making figures from wood, wire, clay, paper and fabric, scavenging my garden for twigs and roots, and routing through trunks of old clothes for strips of fabric. i love traveling and hunting for new bits and pieces that I can transform into something else. 


I also love drawing. Drawing girls with attitude, boys with pluck, the chickens that wander around my garden, wee anarchists, punks, bleak weather and windy days, I loved drawing the sea creatures that inhabit The Ocean Story, I loved  drawing the wee book to handout and help out  at Occupy,  and the cartoon blog about donating my kidney.  I love funny, I heart creepy. More than anything,  I love being  handed a really well written story, then letting my brain and brushes wander. 


When I'm not making, illustrating, planning new projects with my husband and creative partner, John Seven, or hanging out  with my kids, I like to tend my unruly garden, play with my  chickens and really weird dog and explore abandoned places. 


If you're interested in my illustration work, you can contact me through my agent,  Justin Rucker at Shannon Associates @  212.333.2551. For anything else, you can email me directly. Either way I’d love to hear from you!


Abrams     Bloomsbury     Candlewick​     Disney​     Random House​     Little Golden Books​   Simon and Schuster​      Penguin​     Harper Collins   American Greetings     Carnival Cruise        Pottery Barn

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